Auricular Reflexology more commonly known as Ear Reflexology has been used throughout history in many parts of the world.

Auricular Reflexology is a safe, simple, quick and effective treatment. It can also help:

~ improve blood & lymphatic circulation.
~ stimulate the brain & nervous system.
~ balance the body.
~ help with pain relief & control.
~ is relaxing & energising.
~ is fast acting & long lasting.

Auricular Reflexology can be used as a stand alone treatment or in combination with hand & foot reflexology.
The treatment consists of an examination of the ears, any blemishes found can indicate an imbalance in that particular area. The ear is then massaged and tiny ear seeds may be applied for you to stimulate between treatments to prolong the benefits of the treatment.

Add on session ~ £25.00
Full treatment ~ £40.00

Superb reflexology received from this lady , highly recommended and very knowledgable with a friendly personality which put me at ease. Thank you.

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