K.O.R.E. Therapy

Kinesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement

K.O.R.E. Therapy addresses the energetic imbalances that are affecting your overall health.

K.O.R.E Therapy uses a unique combination of Western and Eastern techniques and differs from most other therapies because instead of looking at ‘WHAT’ the problem is we look at ‘WHY’ the problem is there and where it is coming from.
For example, lower back pain could likely be caused by a pelvic imbalance, or migraines could be caused by a neck restriction, or skin problems could be caused by a digestive imbalance, or anxiety can be caused by spinal restriction.
More often than not the area of pain is not the cause of the pain, so K.O.R.E Therapy uses unique Functional Muscle Testing to pin point the root of the problem and then treatment techniques such as Spinal Release, Pelvic and Cranial Balancing, Cupping and others can be applied to release the problem. Techniques are gentle and do not cause pain.
It is by using this combination of assessment and treatment that makes K.O.R.E Therapy extremely effective in helping people to overcome a wide range of ill health, injuries and chronic conditions very quickly.

Your session will include testing and once the issue is highlighted different techniques will be used to help your body to reset itself.


Pelvic Imbalance


Hormonal Imbalance


Depression and anxiety


Pain management






Joint problems


Chronic Headaches


Musculoskeletal Imbalances

The different techniques used could be any of the following.

Muscle Testing
K.O.R.E. Therapy utilises unique muscle testing to pin point the root cause of the problem. This tests your ability to engage muscles together for everyday normal funsctions such as movement. The body is composed of many different systems, that all interact with each other to allow the healthy function of the whole body, an imbalance in one sytem will always have an effect on another.
Musculoskeletal Releases
Working with your body to help release and mobilise joints, improving range of movement.
Tuina Massage
This is a gentle massage that releases and mobilises the spine to restore balance.
Cupping Therapy
Cupping is an ancient traditional treatment. It uses localised suction to mobilise bloodflow in order to promote healing. Cupping aids in toxin release, lymphatic activation, reducing muscle pain and increasing oxygen flow to fascia and muscular tissue.
Amno-Fu 5 -Elements Abdominal Massage
Amno-Fu Abdominal Massage is used for balancing the internal organs, to clear blockages and stimulate the flow of energy, promoting good health. Stress is a major factor which affects our internal organs, disrupting the flow of blood and energy. This is a deep oil based massage of the abdominal region.
Tongue Diagnosis
Various areas of the tongue relate to the condition of specific organs of the body. By examining the tongue we can get an impression of which areas of the body need to be treated to improve body function and restore balance.
Cranial Balancing
A free and balanced Cranial-Sacral system provides a considerable amount of support to the function of the human body.


Lymphatic Circulation


Stimulates the Brain & nervous System


Balances the Body

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