Clinical Reflexology involves the stimulation of the nerve endings in the feet and hands, this triggers a response in the corresponding organ/body part, which encourages the body’s ability to heal itself.It works well in addition to conventional medicine and can help with many different conditions including :-

○ Insomnia
○ Hormonal problems
○ Depression and anxiety
○ Pain management
○ Digestive problems
○ Circulation
○ Joint problems

I have a Level 5 Mastership In Clinical Reflexology. I am trained in
○ Enhancing Fertility Reflexology
○ Maternity Reflexology
○ Cancer & Palliative Care
○ Finger Free Reflexology
○ Hand Reflexology
Reflexology cannot give a medical diagnosis and should not be used in place of seeking professional medical advice.

Foot reflexology. This treatment includes an in depth consultation and a full reflexology treatment. ~ £40.00

Hand Reflexology. This treatment includes an in depth consultation and a full reflexology treatment, on the hands. ~ £40.00

30 minute Reflexology taster sessions – 5 or more people must be present ~ £25.00 per person.

An amazing and relaxing experience. I was a bit concerned about having a reflexology treatment as I don’t like anyone touching my feet. I need not have been concerned. Halima is an amazing reflexologist, putting you at ease and explaining everything. I have now had six treatments and have more booked in. It’s amazing. Give it a go and give yourself some ‘me’ time. You won’t be disappointed.

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