Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction

 TMJ Therapy addresses the pain and dysfunction associate with Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction. Often called TMJ or TMJD. A blend of different approaches are used to reduce tension and pain in the muscles and tissues.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction
TMJD can have a wide range of symptoms which can include:

Headaches, especially around the temple or ear.
Limited mouth opening (Trismus)
Clicking or popping on opening or closing.
Clenching the jaw or teeth grinding (Bruxism).
“Glop in the throat”, the feeling that there is something stuck, but nothing seemingly there.
Jaw, face, neck or shoulder aches and pains.


If you have any questions at email me at hal@beautifulsole.co.uk and I’ll be happy to help.


What happens during a treatment session?

The First session will include an in depth assessment of your individual needs. 

Examining the areas of pain and discomfort. 

Treatment will include soft tissue work both around the head and neck .

The work we do is light touch and does not put pressure on the tissues or jaw.

There may be instances that require intra-oral work and this will be done using appropriate hygiene practices and PPE.

Access will be required  to the face, back, neck and shoulders, so please dress accordingly and remove any make-up prior to your appointment.

An amazing and relaxing experience. I was a bit concerned about having a reflexology treatment as I don’t like anyone touching my feet. I need not have been concerned. Halima is an amazing reflexologist, putting you at ease and explaining everything. I have now had six treatments and have more booked in. It’s amazing. Give it a go and give yourself some ‘me’ time. You won’t be disappointed.

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