A facial is not only relaxing but extremely beneficial for your skin. Cleansing your skin removes toxins, grease and dirt. Exfoliation helps tighten and firm up the skin. Facial massage helps improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. This all helps plumps up the skin with nutrient and oxygen rich blood, thereby reducing signs of ageing.


  • Mini Facial ~ £15.00
    A quick pick me up, leaving your skin energised and revived.
    Cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask.
  • Luxury Facial ~ £35.00
    A relaxing facial to soothe your stresses away.
    Cleanse, tone, exfoliation & mask includes a relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage.


GROW £347.00

This is for you if you've not tried coaching before or you need help with a specific issue.

Preparing for a new challenge.

Short-term goal setting.

Explore and gain clarity on a specific challenge.

4 Hrs face to face/zoom.

Spread over 4 weeks.

Initial session 2 Hrs.

2 x 1 Hr sessions to follow.


FLOW £547.00

Helping you make positive changes in areas of your life that you feel are not in balance. Encouraging you to look deeper for new insights and finding your sense of purpose, direction, and defining your goals.

Short & long term goal setting.

Preparing for a life changing project.

6 Hrs Face to face/Zoom

Spread over 6 - 8 weeks.

Initial session 2 Hrs.

4 x 1 Hr sessions to follow.


GLOW £947.00

This intensive deep dive is perfect if you have a long-term challenge. Creating an action plan and breaking your long-term goals down into manageable short-term goals.

Helping you explore and gain clarity on different areas of your life.

Supporting you in taking steps towards the future you desire.

10 Hrs face to face/zoom.

Spread over 8 - 10 weeks.

Initial session 3 Hrs.

7 x 1Hr sessions to follow.

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